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Wacom PTH-651-ENES Intuos Pro
Graphics Tablet - Medium, Black
Intuos Pro medium -

Intuos Pro - professional results to satisfy professional requirements. The Intuos Pro combines features of Wacom pens with intuitive multi-touch gestures. The pen with its 2,048 levels of pressure-sensitivity and the tablet's tilt recognition functionality, you can work as accurately and precisely as you would with traditional brushes and pens, to position and control your piece in a wholly intuitive way. Other innovations like offering an optimised user-experience, time saving ExpressKeys for your workflow, the wireless kit to reduce cable clutter.

Intuos Pro is available in three sizes - small, medium, large and as a Special Edition in a premium silver-metal look

At a Glance

Intuos Pro medium is agile but uncompromising on performance, offering enough workspace for professional image processing while still fitting conveniently inside most laptop bags
Individually customisable elements
Shortcuts on four application-specific ExpressKeys
Ergonomic, battery-free pen with two buttons
No cables, slim-line tablet design
Individual choice of pen holder and colour ring on pen
Box Contains
Intuos Pro tablet
Grip Pen
Wireless Kit
Pen stand with ten replacement nibs (five standard nibs, one flex nib, one stroke nib, and three felt nibs)
Nib removal tool
Colour identification rings
USB cable
Quick start guide
Installation CD (includes tablet driver software, online user's manual and 'Important Product Information' document

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