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6d Canon body

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The Eos 6D Dslr Camera Is The Ideal Tool For Unlocking Your Creative Vision
It Features A 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame Cmos Sensor, A Wide Iso Range Of 100 - أظهر الرقم - , Expandable To L: 50, H1: 51200, And H2: 102400, For Incredible Image Quality Even In Low Light, And A Digic 5+ Image Processor Delivers Enhanced Noise Reduction And Exceptional Processing Speed
A New 11-Point Af Including A High-Precision Center Cross-Type Af Point With Ev -3 Sensitivity Allows Focusing In Extreme Low-Light Conditions, And With Continuous Shooting Up To 4.5 Fps, You Are Ready To Capture Fast Action
Full Hd Video With Manual Exposure Control, Multiple Frame Rates, And The Benefits Of A Full-Frame Sensor Provides Stunning Performance And Creative Flexibility
The Built-In Wi-Fi Transmitter Allows You To Wirelessly Transfer Your Images To Social Networking Sites Through Canon Image Gateway#, Or Upload Virtually Anywhere From Your Ios Or Android Smartphone With The Free Download Of The Eos Remote App
You Can Use Your Smartphone For Remote Camera Control And Operation (With The Eos Remote App), Or Even Print Your Images On A Wi-Fi Compatible Printer
Perfect For Travel And Nature Photography, The Built-In Gps Allows Location Data To Be Recorded While Shooting
Compact, Lightweight, Brilliant Low-Light Performance, And Loaded With Easy To Use Features, The Eos 6D Is Truly The Full-Frame Dslr Camera For Everyone
Built-In Wifi Capability Allows Eos 6D To Connect To Wireless Networks At High Speeds, Allowing It To Transfer Data Quickly To Pcs And Smartphones And Print Photos With Pictbridge-Enabled Wireless Printers
Eos Remote, A Smartphone App (Ios / Android), Takes Advantage Of Eos 6D Wifi Capabilities By Allowing Smartphones To Control It, Allowing Users To Browse And Download Images, Change Shooting Modes, Adjust Focus And Even Snap A Photo
High Sensitivity, High Precision Built-In Gps In Eos 6D Allows Users To Tag Images With Gps Coordinates, Recall Shooting Locations And Even Route Travelled With Its Logging Function
High Resolution 20.2-Megapixel Images Of Superb Quality And Detail Are Attained From Canons Cutting-Edge Full-Frame Cmos Sensor Technology
New Photodiode Construction, Gapless Microlens Array And On-Chip Noise Reduction Circuitry On The Cmos Keep Image Data Clean And Clear Even At High Iso Settings And Long Exposures, So Your Photographic Vision Is Never Compromised

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