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Accounting software exactly to fulfill your all Needs & Control Biznes

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Better than All available Software’s,
Better than SAP , Better than Oracle
100% the best accounting softwares , for trading , contracting , constructions , projects costing , manufacturing companies , servicing companies , shops . all for all businesses
1- one time purchase use for ever
2- no data loss
3- multi user
4- open multi designing of invoices
5- 200 companies in one software
6- 200 windows can be open
7- 500 reports
8- sales , purchases . inventory , procurement's , financials , bank reconciliations , petty cash , Payroll ,and all Modules
9-ERP complete software
10- less price but very good & Complete Software
Sage 50c – Software for your business
It’s a new way of doing business.
Reliable desktop software with anytime, anywhere cloud access. Perfect for working with your accountant or while traveling -- anywhere you have Internet access and Sage 50c installed.
Sage 50c brings you best-in-class accounting standards and affordable subscription plans that offer the best value for your business.
Recommended for your business whether you offer services or manage inventory and jobs. Comes with unlimited access to support and automatically-delivered product updates to safeguard your investment, and access to built-in credit/debit card processing to get paid faster and work more efficiently.
Start using Sage 50c Accounting today!
Work flow
Tasks are organized by work flow, and you can link to individual tasks under each icon.
See a list of all your customers and their information and quickly drill-down to the details.
Recent Reports
Easily access your top reports and view your aged receivables in graph or table form.
Customers & Sales Tasks
Create a sales invoice for products and services your customers purchase from you. You can also view, edit and print invoices, bill for time and expenses, or save the invoice for repeat sales.
Customize, print, email, copy
You can customize the layout; print or email the invoice; or copy and send to multiple customers -- all from the menu bar.
View credit limit status
Make sure the customer is in good standing. Customize terms for each customer and get notifications when credit limit is exceeded.
Record payments or deposits
You can even process credit card sales with Sage’s integrated payment solution.
Select a bill to pay
You can also view and edit paid bills, write a check, pay multiple bills, or save the payment information for recurring bills.
Choose which bills to pay
Pay all, pay some, or only pay a portion of the total and Sage 50 Accounting will calculate the amount and apply it to the bill(s).
Choose which bills to pay
Pay all, pay some, or only pay a portion of the total and Sage 50 Accounting will calculate the amount and apply it to the bill(s).
Time frame
Project cash flow from 7 days to 12 months out.
Crunch the numbers
Adjust numbers and run “what if” scenarios without affecting actual Sage 50 data.
Change settings
Modify settings for accurate projections based on transaction history.
See how well your business is doing overall
Design and customize your financial statements with tools on the menu bar, then print, email or create a PDF to distribute to others.
Financial Statement Wizard
The Financial Statement Wizard walks you through creating your own custom financial statement.
Financial statements like these can help identify areas of health or concern for your business.
Income Statement shows revenues, expenses and net income.
Balance Sheet displays assets, liabilities and capital.
Statement of Cash Flow shows cash coming in and going out, and whether you had a net increase or decrease.

Visualize your data
The summary totals and graph provide a quick view of your cash flow as you make adjustments to projected balances, incoming or outgoing cash.

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Accounting Softwsres to Control the Business well

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Accounting Software's Best for all types of Businesses

Accounting Software's Best for all types of Businesses

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Accounting Software Best in world just for 192 OMR- Multi User

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Increase your profit with Our Accounting Softwares

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Finance account Softwares at nominal prices

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