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Civil Engineer with 6 years experience

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I have 6 years experience of execution buildings & bridge and infrastructure development projects


201 - أظهر الرقم - Bachelor of Technology (Pass) in Civil Technology- Preston UniversityIslamabad
200 - أظهر الرقم - DAE (Civil Technology) - Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore, Hafizabad
2009 3 Month Laboratory Technician Civil (Morning)- Applied Technologies Institute,NLC Mandra
2009 3 Month Steel Fixer (Evening) )- Applied Technologies Institute,NLC Mandra


i. Study all issued drawings and sublet works to Sub Contractors accordingly.
ii. Correspond and co-ordinate with, consultant and sub contractor.
iii. Prepare progress Record As Per Date
iv. Supervise the work and maintain the quality standard of project.
v. Maintain Check Requests For Approvel Executed Work.
vi. Verify the BOQ and bills of sub contractor as per Executed work at site.
vii. Maintain the check and balance of the Self Execution Works.
viii. Maintain the record of material and store