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Daily rent for saloon car nissan altima

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9 ر. ع
موديل التيما
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Daily Rent Luxury Salon cars for omanis &expats& visitors

Luxury New Cars for Daily Rent in Muscat
- if you want to Rent a Car, we are a leading vehicle rental company in the Sultanate of Oman and located at hail North near shell pertrol pump
- We are a professional organization serving the needs of both tourists and business travellers.
- We offer a wide range of well-maintained vehicles so that you can always find a car or truck that meets your requirements without breaking your budget.
- we offer free pickup and delivery to and from the airport. If you are landing in Muscat and travelling around Oman you will appreciate our free mileage terms and excellent long term car rental rates.
- If you need to rent a car in Muscat, it's as easy as ! give us a call daily
Rent start from : 9 RO per day

Contact us Now :

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