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Peace, mercy and blessings of God;

Declaration No. 1:

For Rent

Have a totally new apartment in al-Amrat Al-Mahaj, first phase in a new family building with the following specifications:
An area of ​​144 m 2
3 rooms
3 bathrooms
second floor
ALL Government services are available.

Cousin of a private school and a kindergarten

190 OR per month is required


Declaration No. 2:
For Rent

An entirely new family apartment
al-Amrat Al-Mahaj, first phase
second floor
Two big rooms: 5 × 4 with toilets
Large kitchen 5 × 4
With split unit AC
** Comprehensive electricity and water bill with Limits consumption of OR 30

All government services are available and near a private school

price. 210 Real

Declaration No. 3:
For Rent
In the best place in al-Amrat Al-Mahaj, first phase
Ground floor Villa with wide yard
Area: 225 m2.

3 bedrooms
big hall
Council kitchen
3 toilets

All government services are available / near a private school and good neighbors.

With air conditioning

SR 320 is required

please contact 994 - أظهر الرقم - or 921 - أظهر الرقم -

God bless you for publishing


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160 ر. ع

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