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I am in oman.I have 3 year experience Civil ENgineer

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i am in oman.I have 3 year experience
key resposnsibilsties
• Handling of Project Site Work Inspection Requests and maintaining the Record of daily work.
• Checking and maintaining the record of Materials on Store, Site and dealing with MRFI’s and Project Materials Reconciliation Report for month.
• Preparation of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports.
• Preparation of Monthly financial Reports with S-Curves & Pie Charts.
• Preparation of Monthly Payment Certificates with substantiated backup.
• Preparation of Measurement Sheets for Miscellanies Work Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Cost Comparisons for different proposals.
• Evaluation of New Rates/ Analysis and Preparation of BOQ for Variation Orders.
• Checking and finalization of Invoices of Sub-Contractors and Suppliers.
• Ensure that all the work is carried out accordance with Project Specifications and Clauses.
• Participate in site coordination meetings with PM, Sub Contractors, Suppliers as well as coordinate and managed all site activities related to Cost.
• Preparation of Final Accounts from As-Built Drawings for completed and Hand Over Work.


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Civil Engineer

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