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LCD Digital Power Programmable Timer Socket Switch 230V AC LCD Display

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Save your home power consumption and let it controls as you need it to be.

This is a brand new and high quality plug-in timer used for indoor appliance (lights/TV/PC/fans/kitchen appliance/water dispancer & etc as per rated Amps)

It can be programmed for up to 10 different On/Off settings
-days of week
-groups of days
-weekly operations
-combinations of these

UK style
Big LCD display
8 keys timer function
Time setting is including HOUR,MINUTE and WEEK
summer time change-over
random function
12 hours/24 hours changeable

Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Installation: Plug-in type
Rating: 230VAC/13A/2900W
Setting time: 1 Minute
Operating temperature: -10 to 40C
Accuracy: plus & minus 1 Min/Mon
Battery: NIMHI 1.2V more than100hrs.