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Looking for Job Marketing of Any companies office Assitant & driver

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I am looking for job any companies office line work or Cm & Re Assistant & Light driver as well

All kind of Requirements I will give on Phone or send throw Email my c.v to connect person
well Greatued person speaking well English Have 6 year experience in Oman & 5 year Europe as well Respected and in Jobs have Omani driving Liscence As well please contect me.. Able to join 1st of November Responsible person

إعلانات أخرى لهذا المستخدم

إعلانات هذا المستخدم Mr Saim

I Need A car for Rent Good condition 1300cc

I Need A car for Rent Good condition 1300cc



80 ر. ع

Need urgent job

Need urgent job

يبحث عن عمل

18 أكتوبر

We Need for job House Cleaning & load unloded any kind of work
Need Room Share person 2

Need Room Share person 2

غرف للإيجار

16 أكتوبر

20 ر. ع

Looking for Job Saleman Or Driver Light Driver + heavy driver Both