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Medical Clinic For Sale

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A smooth running medical clinic for sale in North Batinah region.

When you contact us, in your first call, please do not ask for Price and keep the phone down as this is a business entity and we need to sit and discuss about this matter in more detail. And please do not ask us the reason for selling, because sellers have no scarcity in coming up with reasons. If you want to Buy & take over this business, then this is an business opportunity for you. If you are a practicing Doctor in Oman, you can run this clinic single-handedly. If you are a businessman for whom this is the first trial in clinic business, we shall offer you all assistance and guidance in the initial months. If in case I am busy and I cannot attend your call, then you may send me an email or a SMS. Thanks and hoping to hear from you - our prospective buyer, I mean serious buyers. //