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New apartments for sale in Bucher

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New luxury apartments for sale in Bucher
The building consists of 8 floors. 2 floor is Shops and 6 floors apartments
Number of apartments 24 apartments each apartment area 108 m

Each apartment consists of:
Two bedrooms + worker room + +3 cycles lounge water + indoor and outdoor kitchen
- All materials used in the finishing of high quality: the windows of the type of PVC
- Water industry cycles Swiss brand Grohe faucets floors of high-quality porcelain
- There is building a brand Schindler elevators Swiss industry
- There are two kitchens in all apartments: internal and external views of the hall and kitchens German industry
- The doors of Al-Khalili (Beach Vener) Beach Fenner
- The wiring of the building to provide a fiber-optic link the high speed Internet connection. Delivery system for Wi-Fi was the work of an average of two points in each apartment. The buyer or tenant participation and provide Wi-Fi devices only.
- The wiring apartments TV system and the installation of three receptors of the signal (receiver) entry and exit using the card system and there (door phone) with a camera can be a resident of the vision of the visitor and talk to him as well as open the main door of the apartment
- There is building a room for the guard and the system closed the entrances to the main cameras and all cameras linked-screen TV in the guard room to use granite in doorways in the floors and walls
- In the internal stairs in the first and second floor and the outside stairs and main entrances with the use of the Omani marble stairs - the work of decorations in the Bishop of corridors and common spaces with hidden lighting provide Mazchtan to raise the water to the top and the distribution of water in the apartments so that the water pressure in the bathrooms suitable

Rates are between 54-56 thousand

To communicate:
995 - أظهر الرقم -