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Nikon Camera

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Nikon p510-p530
An opportunity for anyone who wants to give a gift. Very beauty
An opportunity for anyone who wants to enter the field of photography Afattgrave. Or montage
Opportunity for people to share images with the best quality. And professional

 Nikon p510. Or p530 Camera out unnecessary supernatural and very fanciful .aisal for very long distances
Chimera. She is shooting night and daytime normally Portal features .taathml all climatic Aldharov during filming

Kmalk .taathrk the screen in all directions

42x zoom
And the level of the image professional and very good
Kemira professional. And ultra-fine
For inquiries or reservations. Please communicate with the next number . 995 - أظهر الرقم - and calculating
Thank you for all
Gary order to collect a limited quantity
Warranty: two years
Dealing reservation
I communicate only serious
This video link Done imaging through Cemra displayed