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Professional Videographer and Marketing expert seeking job!

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Hello, I am Nikola. Marketing expert and a Professional Videograper with over 10 years of experience in the field. Successfully done over 100 various multimedia projects for big, small company's and music videos. I also have experience in design, wordpress, marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, AdWords etc. Facebook and AdWords certified.

I can help your company prosper with my expertise and creativity.
I'm all you need!
Send me a message for the CV and portfolio, I'm sure you'll find something interesting... Hope to hear from you!

Contact via message here or on email nnspark at gmail dot com

Attention to details can be seen in my projects that I have done over the years. All the projects were produced, directed, shot, edited, finalized by me.

Software’s and computer skills:
- Adobe Premiere Pro – Expert
- Adobe After Effects – Expert
- Adobe Photoshop – Expert
- Adobe Mocha AE – Advanced
- Sony Sound Forge – Advanced
- Sony Vegas - Advanced
- EDIUS – Intermediate
- Microsoft Office – Advanced
- Adobe Ilustrator – Beginner
- Wordpress - Advanced
- SEO - Advanced

You can view my latest project on MTV Adria

Focus, self-motivation and hard working is a must in my lifestyle.

I have experience/shoot with this gear:
- Black Magic Production Camera
- Red Dragon
- Red Epic
- Canon C300
- Canon 5DMK3
- Canon 6D
- Canon 600D
- Canon 550D
- Canon 60D
- Nikon D800
- Sony Alpha 7s
- Jibs
- Rails
- Sliders
- 3Axis Gimbals
- 2Axis Gimbals

(gear) I own at the moment:
- Sony Alpha 7s
- Flycam 5000
- 4x set of 3x softbox
- Camera rig
- Field monitor Aputure
- Minolta F2 50mm
- Minolta F2.8 135mm
- Minolta F3.5-5.6 35-70 Macro
- Soligor F2.8 28mm
- Minolta F2.8 20mm

Experienced in:
- Shooting
- Camera gear
- Production processes
- Production
- Editing
- Color correction
- Color grading
- Motion graphics
- Motion design
- Masking
- Tracking
- Fixing bad footage
- Adding/Removing artifacts from footage
- Lighting
- Marketing
- Marketing techniques
- Design (billboards, poster, magazine photography, flayers…)
- Photography (director of photography)
- Wordpress design and overall finalization of website
- Adwords
- Affiliate marketing
- Social marketing
- Overall Digital Marketing