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Surveyor & site engineer job need

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B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
Certified Civil Engineering (CCE).
Cell OMAN: 968 - أظهر الرقم - 547


To be a part of reputed and progressive Organization in order to gain knowledge and assist the professionals in performance of their duties responsibility for achieving their goals and objectives quickly & effectively.

Professional Certification Institution
 Certified B.Tech Civil Engineering (CB.TechCE) The Society of Civil Engineering (SOCE).

 B.Tech (Civil Engineering) Preston University Kohath, Pakistan

 Diploma of Associate Civil Engineering (DACE) Hira poly technical institute, Sargodha.

NOTE:-All documents are attested from Foreign Office, HEC & OMAN Embassy.

Technical Qualification

 Diploma in Auto Cad from Edge International Collage Lahore Pakistan.

Experience 1

Name of Company: Sui Northern Officers Cooperative Housing Society
Designation: Site Engineer/Surveyor
Duration: 5 September 2010 to 15 October 2015, (5Year)
Place: (Lahore, Pakistan)
1. Give written progress report of project to Project Engineer daily basis
2. Give written progress report of project to project manager weekly basis
3. Make co-ordination with site staff to increase progress of project
4. supervision of Office building O/H Water Tanks, Sewerage system & water supply system
5. Handel all site issues regarding (site staff, labor, material , store, sub-contractor,
(Sup lier) and give report to project manager
6. Give Demarcation of plots to Owners as/site plane of society
7. Check all progress work of houses as/society and local authority bye laws

Key Skill

1. Supervision of all construction work .
2. Duties as Surveyor to Layout of Engineering Design including setting out of Building ,Grid Line &Roads centerlines,Kerbs,Walk ways which were done by him precisely.
3. By using Auto Level he maintained the office Building Floor Level& slopes of Vertical curves of Roads, longitudinal and side slopes of Roads.
Experience 2

Name of Company: H.L.G
Designation: Surveyor
Duration: 25 November 2016 to 30 April (5, Month)
Place: (Sohar, Muscat, Oman)

1. as Surveyor to Layout of Engineering Design including setting out of Admin Building Colum Marking ,Grid Line of Colum, Roads,
Centerlines, Krebs, Walkways, Sign Duties board, which were done by him precisely.
2. By using Auto Level he maintained the Admin Building Floor Level slopes of
3. Vertical curves of Roads, longitudinal and side slopes of Roads.

Experience 3

Name of Company: Blizzard Trading & Contract LLC
Designation: Surveyor/Site Engineer
Duration: 1st May 2016 to 30 October 2016
Place: (Barka Muscat, Oman)

Project: ware House and Accommodation Building.

Experience 4

Name of Company: Leading Arabian House
Designation: Surveyor/ Site Engineer
Duration: 1st November 2016 to Till Now
Place: ( Muscat, Oman)
Project: R O P (Hospital)

Juble Cutting

 MS Office
 Networking


English, Arabic and Urdu


Name : Amar Shahzad
Father Name : Nazr Muhammad
Nationality : Pakistani
Date of Birth : 708 - أظهر الرقم -
Religion : Islam

I hereby certified that the above statements are true and correct with all my knowledge. After you’ve reviewed my resume, please provide me an opportunity of a possible interview.


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